Richard Vevers is the founder and CEO of The Ocean Agency, an unconventional nonprofit that uses the combination of creativity, technology and powerful partnerships to accelerate ocean science and conservation action. Prior to joining the field of ocean conservation, Vevers worked at some of the top London advertising agencies, and it is this background that allows him to bring a new approach to ocean conservation. His ideas have included: taking Google Street View underwater, funding a global survey of coral reefs through a sports sponsorship model (XL Catlin Seaview Survey), revealing the coral reef crisis in the Emmy Award-winning Netflix Original Documentary Chasing Coral, and marketing a plan to save coral reefs called 50 Reefs. Together, these ideas alone have generated over $400 million in media value and over $100 million in funding for ocean science and conservation.

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The Team Behind Our Team

The Ocean Agency team wouldn’t be a team without the generous support of Rick and Melinda Reed, true ocean heroes, who help us turn our big ideas into reality. We can’t thank them enough.