The Maiden Expedition of 50 Reefs


Richard Vevers | National Geographic June 2017

Nimrod is a tough man with deeply tanned skin – the result of 40 years of fishing. He is one of the few remaining full-time fishermen in Palau, a beautiful, remote island in the Western Pacific Ocean. His job used to be easy. He could catch a full day’s haul without leaving sight of the jetty, but now it often takes him all day... Read More

Richard Vevers | Feb 2017

For the last two and a half years The Ocean Agency has been visually documenting and revealing a massive coral bleaching event worldwide. Our team has seen coral bleaching in over 10 countries and taken over 100,000 photographs to share this crisis with the world. The third Global coral bleaching event has been the worst coral die-off ever recorded... Read More

A Global Pan to Save Coral Reefs

Richard Vevers | Virgin Unite Feb 2017

Last December, I went on a diving expedition in Indonesia to a place called Raja Ampat. It is at the heart of the Coral Triangle and the epicenter of coral biodiversity. The reefs I saw there were immaculate. Healthy corals covered the reef for as far as the eye could see and the fish life was equally spectacular. However, this was a far cry from what I’d been witnessing for the last couple of years on other reefs... Read More


Richard Vevers | Years of Living Dangerously Nov 2016

For the last two years our team has been following an unprecedented global climate change catastrophe. It is an event that has killed up to 20% of the world’s corals as well as a staggering amount of marine life that directly depended on them. It is the third global coral bleaching event... Read More


Stephanie Roach The Ocean Agency Nov 2016

Last month we headed to Boulder, Colorado to take fourth-grade students virtual diving for the first time. Using Google Cardboards and Google Expeditions, students swam next to manta rays, snorkeled healthy coral reefs, went cage diving... Read More


Richard Vevers | TIME Sept 2016

In October 2014, we started responding to the 3rd Global Coral Beaching Event as part of the XL Catlin Seaview Survey. In fact we’ve been the only team recording and revealing its impact on reefs on a global basis using our specially designed 360-degree cameras. We never imagined we’d still be responding to this event over two years later... Read More


Richard Vevers | The Ocean Agency Sept 2016

Last week, I really needed to hear some good news about the ocean, a story that would cheer me up, a story about nature bouncing back from catastrophe. I had just returned from a gathering of the world’s best coral reef scientists in Hawaii where shocking facts were confirmed that I’d been hearing for a while now – climate change is going to wipe out most coral reefs... Read More


Richard Vevers | Virgin Unite June 2016

Our team has seen more of the Great Barrier Reef than virtually anyone. In 2012, with our scientific partner The University of Queensland, we carried out the most comprehensive survey of the reef that has ever been conducted. Using our specially developed 360-degree cameras... Read More


Richard Vevers The Ocean Agency June 2016

Some of the media reports in recent weeks have overstated the facts about the bleaching on the Great Barrier Reef – the truth is the southern part of the reef was virtually unaffected. However, even the most conservative estimates of the impact in the north still rank the bleaching as one of the worst environmental disasters in Australian history. We were there to see it first hand and it was the most disturbing sight we have ever seen... Read More


Richard Vevers | The Ocean Agency June 2016

The peak of the coral bleaching on the Great Barrier Reef is over. An estimated 35% of all the corals in the northern and central sections have died - it was one of the worst environmental disasters in Australian history. Now all we can do is help make sure the reef is given the best chance to recover... Read More


Richard Vevers | The Ocean Agency Dec 2015

Last week a giant squid appeared in a harbour in Japan. It was the stuff of legends. A sci-fi like encounter so rare that it has only been captured twice before. Yet it barely made the news and the Kracken just disappeared back down to the deep... Read More